Examining the level of employee satisfaction with the performance of city managers (case study: Baghershahr Municipality)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. Student of Sports Management, South Tehran Islamic Azad University and Legal Director of Kehrizak Municipality, Tehran, Iran

2 M.A of Abhar Islamic Azad University and Deputy Municipal Services of Baghershahr Municipality, Tehran, Iran

3 Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran and Project and program manager of Baqershahr municipality, Tehran, Iran


Background & Purpose: By referring to different organizations and taking a deep and expert look at the communication process in these organizations, it becomes clear to any observer that one of the important and always noticeable problems in organizations that employees complain about are, lack of communication skills among their managers. One of the most important and key issues that has caught the attention of the organization and the foundation of the organization society in this period of time is the organizational commitment of the employees of an organization. This issue can have many factors and dimensions. The present study was conducted with the aim of investigating the level of employee satisfaction with the performance of Baghershahr municipal managers.
Methodology:The statistical population of the research is all the employees of Baghershahr municipality. Due to the unlimitedness of the statistical population, the formula for determining the sample size in Cochran's unlimited population was used to determine the sample size. Therefore, considering the error level of 0.05, the sample size was estimated to be 242 people. The data collection tool was a questionnaire.
Findings:The results extracted from the above research emphasize the existence of a strong effect of job satisfaction on the commitment of the organization's employees, and it seems that the managers of all levels of this municipality can, with sufficient and accurate knowledge of the individual differences between their employees to know them better, more accurately and more completely, and as a result, by taking actions that are most compatible with the level of the heart desires of the employees, on the level of their desire and motivation, satisfaction and commitment in the direction of development and Intelligent movement in the direction of increasing the organization's goals. The level of satisfaction regarding the examined components of job satisfaction is average, managers are high, and for the components related to welfare, it is below 40%.
Findings:This shows that the employees of the municipality have little or very little satisfaction with the amenities in the municipality.